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DexKo Expands with City Spring Acquisition

DexKo Global Inc., renowned for its superior trailer running gear and specialized components, proudly announces the strategic acquisition of City Spring & Axle Ltd., along with its sister companies Pacific Spring & Axle Ltd. and Spring Service Ltd. This expansion, executed by DexKo’s subsidiary Dexter Axle Company LLC, signifies a substantial growth in the Canadian market, particularly in Edmonton, Alberta, where City Spring is based.

Established in 1956 by the Bassani brothers, City Spring has been a cornerstone in Western Canada’s truck and trailer parts industry, boasting four strategic locations and a diverse service offering. This acquisition by DexKo, under the leadership of CEO Adam Dexter, marks a significant step in enhancing its service network across Canada, offering a broader range of products and services to the truck and trailer sectors.

DexKo Global Inc., with its rich history dating back to 2015 through the merger of DEXTER and AL-KO Vehicle Technology, is headquartered in Novi, Michigan. The company is a global leader in chassis technology and assembly, employing a vast workforce and operating numerous manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide.

The synergy between City Spring and DexKo is poised to bring a new era of innovation and service excellence to the Canadian market. Shirley Kosick, a shareholder of City Spring, reflects on her father’s legacy and the company’s evolution, expressing confidence in Dexter as the ideal successor to carry forward the family’s commitment to quality and customer service.

DexKo Global Inc. has successfully acquired the business of City Spring & Axle Ltd., along with Pacific Spring & Axle Ltd. and Spring Service Ltd., consolidating its position as a leader in the trailer running gear and specialized components industry. This strategic move, executed through its subsidiary Dexter Axle Company LLC, aims to bolster DexKo’s presence in the Canadian market, leveraging City Spring’s extensive network across Western Canada. City Spring, known for its distribution of truck and trailer parts as well as axle and spring manufacturing services, operates from four locations in Alberta and British Columbia, enhancing DexKo’s service and distribution capabilities in the region.

Adam Dexter, CEO of Dexter, highlighted the diversity of City Spring’s business as a crucial factor in this acquisition, noting the synergies between the companies in supporting the trailer and truck industries in Canada. Shirley Kosick, a shareholder of City Spring, expressed confidence in Dexter as the right successor to continue her father’s legacy, emphasizing City Spring’s commitment to high-quality services and customer satisfaction. Fred Bentley, CEO of DexKo Global, pointed out that this acquisition complements their previous acquisitions and expands their specialty distribution and manufacturing footprint in Canada, aligning with their strategic goal to enhance service capabilities across North America.

With this acquisition, DexKo aims to solidify its presence in North America, building on its recent expansion efforts and reinforcing its position as a global industry leader.

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