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Maximize CARM Compliance to Avoid Border Delays

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is on the brink of launching a revolutionary digital system, CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management), aimed at modernizing the assessment and collection of duties and taxes on commercial goods imported into Canada. Scheduled to go live on May 13, 2024, this system is a significant stride towards streamlining import processes, necessitating the cooperation of fleets and importers to avert potential border slowdowns.

Recent outreach by the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) and the Association of International Customs and Border Agencies (AICBA) has spotlighted concerns about possible border delays following the CARM rollout. They stress the importance of raising CARM awareness among importers to ensure smooth transitions and uninterrupted freight movement.

Despite ongoing awareness campaigns, a gap persists, with only a fraction of Canadian importers currently registered on the CARM portal. This calls for an intensified collective effort, especially from cross-border carriers, to educate their clients about CARM requisites and registration procedures.

The new system promises a plethora of benefits, including an online self-service tool and simplified importing processes, thereby bolstering over $750 billion in trade and $30 billion in revenue annually collected at the border. Importers, customs brokers, and other trade consultants are urged to register and familiarize themselves with the system ahead of its full implementation.

As the countdown to May 2024 continues, the CBSA underscores the necessity for all commercial entities involved in importing goods into Canada to register on the CARM Client Portal without delay. This proactive approach is pivotal to ensuring a seamless transition to the new system and maintaining the fluidity of border crossings.

For detailed insights into the CARM system, its features, benefits, and the registration process, visit the CBSA’s official CARM page​​ and the Canada.ca news release

Carriers with further questions about CARM can reach out to CBSA at: cbsa.carm_engagement-engagement_de_la_gcra.asfc@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

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