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Boosting Trucking: Cutting Trade Barriers

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has spotlighted the significant trade barriers within the interprovincial trucking sector, pinpointing inefficiencies in Canada’s supply chain. Highlighted in their recent submission to the Privy Council Office in October 2023, these barriers present a vital opportunity for federal intervention in the 2024 budget to bolster supply chain resilience.

Lak Shoan, Director of Policy and Industry Awareness Programs

asserts, “The financial support envisioned in the 2024 budget, whether through new infrastructure projects, enhancements to existing provincial and territorial programs, or increased funding to eliminate trade barriers at all government levels, will undoubtedly strengthen the Canadian supply chain.”

Key recommendations from the CTA’s pre-budget submission include:

  • Winter Road Maintenance Standards: Aligning and enhancing standards to ensure timely and consistent road clearance across provinces and territories remains crucial for the trucking industry.
  • Trucker Rest Area Access: Addressing the longstanding need for a robust rest area network is essential for driver welfare and operational efficiency.
  • Route 185 Expansion in Quebec: Doubling Route 185 to a four-lane highway would connect Eastern Canada with a seamless four-lane route from Halifax to Toronto, enhancing road safety and supply chain fluidity.
  • Regulatory Harmonization in Western Provinces: Addressing the need for more consistent training standards and regulatory requirements across provinces for Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs) to ease operational challenges.
  • Oversized/Overweight Transport Issues: Modernizing the regulatory framework for heavy and oversized equipment transport is critical for eliminating unnecessary project delays in infrastructure and construction.
  • Carrier Information Centralization: A centralized system for safety data and compliance information would ensure fair competition within the industry.
  • Truck Safety Oversight System: Advocating for a comprehensive safety supervision and accountability system applicable to all trucking operations across Canada.
  • Spring Weight Restrictions and Road Access: Addressing the patchwork of spring weight regulations is vital for minimizing logistical challenges and supply chain inefficiencies.
  • Expanded Cellular Service Access: Ensuring immediate data exchange and information sharing across platforms is crucial for maintaining a fluid and responsive supply chain.

For a complete overview of the CTA’s pre-budget submission and further insights into the proposed measures, CTA member carriers are encouraged to reach out to their provincial trucking associations.

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