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Sign Up: Govt Study on Trucking Trade Barriers

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is calling upon its members to engage in crucial focus group discussions led by Altis Consulting for the Privy Council Office (PCO). These discussions are set to explore the intricate barriers that impede internal trade and labor mobility within the trucking sector, aiming to foster a more cohesive and efficient industry landscape.

Scheduled for the spring months of March and April 2024, the PCO is actively recruiting participants to delve into a series of themes that are vital for the prosperity and fluidity of the trucking industry. Registrants can anticipate participating in Zoom sessions that will cover a wide array of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Overcoming provincial and territorial labor mobility challenges
  • Addressing the unique trade obstacles faced by trucking operations in rural, remote, and Northern areas
  • Identifying barriers specific to the Atlantic trucking community
  • Discussing the trade impediments faced by minority-owned trucking businesses
  • Uncovering and addressing various other internal trade barriers
  • Identifying and resolving issues that deter businesses from engaging in internal trade

The deadline for registration is swiftly approaching on March 18. The CTA urges members who find themselves unable to attend to nominate an informed representative from within their organization. This could be anyone from a seasoned driver with years of firsthand experience to administrative or operational staff who possess a deep understanding of the industry’s inner workings.

To ensure that all voices are heard, the discussions will be bilingual, accommodating participants to express their insights in the official language they are most comfortable with. Participants need to know that their contributions will be anonymized for reporting purposes, safeguarding any sensitive or proprietary information.

This initiative not only presents an opportunity for members of the trucking community to voice their concerns and suggestions but also serves as a platform for collaborative problem-solving. By identifying and addressing these barriers, the trucking industry can pave the way for a more integrated and efficient internal trade system, benefiting not just the industry but the Canadian economy at large.

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2024 Canadian trucking; Semi Truck loans
2024 Canadian trucking; Semi Truck loans

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